Wedding: Mikey and Nicole in Maui, Part I

Well hello there. This wedding post was so ridiculously long that I had to break it up into two posts, the first of which details my week hanging out in Maui in prep for Mikey and Nicole’s wedding. Forgive me if they feel a little fragmented. If I tried to tell the whole story, I would end up with a Part I that’s 500-pictures long, so I’ll keep it [relatively] short. Here is my trip! Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-1 Our daily routine involved eating, drinking, and beaching. Rinse and repeat. Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-4 Headed to Big Beach.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-6 Ze gang. Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-7 Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Huntington anymore. I gotta say… I miss the warm, clear ocean waters the most (and the poke).Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-8 Big Beach is stunningly beautiful.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-9Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-10 Bullets.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-12Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-13 Our lovely couple.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-14 Lot’s and lot’s of loitering while eating fresh poke.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-15 So many incredible sunsets. Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-16Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-18Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-19 Donuts. All day. Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-20Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-21Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-23 Surf day in Launiupoko. Spent the day trying not to get stabbed by sea urchin.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-24 Aren’t they so cute??Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-27 Daring each other to do dangerous things at Cliff House.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-28Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-29Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-31 Of course, no trip to Maui is complete without a luau.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-32Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-33Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-34Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-35Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-36 Things kind of got crazy when the rain started pouring down.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-37Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-38 The daily grind.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-39 Bring tourists on our scooters.Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Maui-41 Location scouting. Work is rough in Maui! Well, that was a rather brief overview of the madness that occurred that mostly clandestine week in Maui. A huge shout out to both Mikey and Nicole’s family for being such gracious hosts, showering me with kindness all week long. It was an experience I’ll never forget and I’m so very grateful. :) Check back tomorrow for Part II, where Mikey and Nicole gets married! Here’s a little preview: Snapmotive Blog 2014-04-14 Mikey and Nicole Wedding-205
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