Things to do, places to see, and foods to eat in Washington State (Part 1)

From my recent trip to Washington State, I’ve realized that you can never get enough first hand guides on places to see and things to do in a state that you aren’t familiar with. Many of the suggestions on where to go and what to eat came from either users on Instagram, other bloggers on the Internet, and personal friends who’ve lived there before.

And so I thought the least I can do is to offer some tips and share my experiences from my recent trip up there along with some of my photos (non-iPhone version – for those who follow me on Instagram).

Olympia, Washington

When we arrived, our first trip was into Olympia. Let me tell you, Olympia is a SWEET city. Parts of the city is reserved for wildlife, with houses interspersed in-between pockets of trees, which gives the city an almost rural/town-ish feel, yet the city is still quite modern and “up-to-date.” We loved waking up every morning to see the fresh Spring dew on the grass, the wet moss on the trees, and the birds eagerly chirping away at the sunrise. The air was a cool, crisp 33 degrees F, and definitely woke you right up even at the crack of dawn.

Points of Interest:

The Gyro Spot – Amazing gyros. Met the owner and he was a stand up guy as well. Highly recommended.
Tumwater Falls – You can see the old Olympia Brewing Co. from here, walk around the 15-acre park, visit Bing Cosby’s house, or see the waterfalls.  

WinCo Foods, Everywhere

If you have never experienced the glory of WinCo Foods, you gotta check it out. I’ve never, ever been so overwhelmed by -choices- in my entire life. WinCo is basically your local supermarket on steroids. Imagine a Costco or a Sam’s Club size store, but instead of pallets of bulk foods and whatnot, you have literally hundreds of thousands of individually packaged and sold goods, just like a supermarket, AND it’s open 24 hours a day. I’ve read up a little bit on it and I found out that its average store size is about 92,000 sq. ft.! Imagine seeing as far as your eyes can see choices upon choices of ridiculously cheap and affordable goods. I even found a cat perch on sale.

For all you Californians, I’ve found out that a WinCo is opening in Ventura. I’ve never been this excited about a grocery store…

Pike Place Market, Seattle

I guess this is a standard tourist location for all first time visitors. It’s such a fun market place featuring fresh fruits and veggies, Starbuck’s first coffee shop, and stunning views of the harbor. And of course, just east of Pike Place is downtown Seattle, so you can’t go wrong just cruising down the city streets and discovering the various shops and eateries along the way.

Points of Interest:

The Athenian – Great happy hour specials
Pike Place Fish Market – Fresh fish thrown around like rugby balls
Starbucks – Check out the original Starbucks Coffee Shop filled with a wooden floor, old school siren logos, and plenty of tourists.
The Gum Wall – Where you can get grossed out by millions of pieces of pre-chewed gum.

OK, I think if I laid out my full post here, it would be way too long, so I’m going to break it up into 2 or 3 parts. Stayed tuned for our foray into Downtown Seattle and the National Parks of Washington!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


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