Snapmotive 2.0

snapmotive20 I am so so happy to finally announce that Snapmotive has taken its next step forward by welcoming in Justin Jay to #teamsnapmotive! Yes, Snapmotive has officially doubled in size. :) snapmotive-about-justin-profile Justin’s role is primarily to allow Snapmotive to always have two photographers present at every wedding we shoot. The benefits being that we can more closely integrate our styles and have finer control over what we put out, so that you, as our client, can have one seamless experience throughout the entire process. Snapmotive is further benefited with expedited turnaround times, more consistent blogging, and and much more exciting working dynamic. One of the reasons I chose Justin is that when we work together, our clients tend to feel more at ease. We both push each other to be better photographers and our clients notice. I’m very excited to have him on board and I hope that he is the first of many to join #teamsnapmotive as we move forward into the future. Watch this space as I’ll use it to explain more of Snapmotive’s vision for community building and education. Thank you to all of our friends, family, and fans who have supported this venture for the last three years. Without your steadfast support, we would never be living out our dreams like we are now. With love, Daniel
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