Mike and Jo Married on Greengate Ranch, San Luis Obispo, CA

Oh gees, where do I even begin? Mike and Joanna are two of the most incredibly genuine and kindest people I’ve ever met and I had the great privilege and honor of capturing their most fantastically beautiful wedding day in San Luis Obispo. The wedding took place on a relatively new property called Greengate Ranch, where it was literally a one-stop-shop for horses, barns, vineyards, lakes, and all things dreamy. Plenty of great photo ops as you’ll soon see. Now, I can go into all sorts of details about these two, but that would turn this post into an essay rather quickly, so I’ll spare you from all the details. What I will choose to leave you with is the lasting impression I had during my time getting to know them: I’ve always believed in the mantra that you can tell a lot about a person by observing their friends. Gosh, I’ve never had so much fun meeting and talking to all the guests who were all so incredibly fun and amiable. While hearing firsthand from Mike about all the insane events that transpired during their planning process, it was no surprised that this couple attracted favor from people – lot’s and lot’s of favor. They’re the type of people where, if you were a friend, you would love to go out of your way to be generous towards them because they were such generous people to you first. They are generous in love, in spirit, in words, in kindness, in thanks, in care, in pretty much everything. Love these two and I am so grateful to have forged a new friendship with them. Without further ado:

Check out the full gallery on their PASS site. 


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