Haley and Sergio’s Heartfelt Wedding at the El Adobe, San Juan Capistrano

I love that a part of my job description is to meet people, but with a fun twist. I basically go from meeting complete strangers to becoming intimately involved with the most important day of their lives within a matter of months! This is not normal folks!

This phenomenon is often an accelerant to becoming great friends, and I’m SO glad I got to experience that with Haley and Sergio.


I knew from the get-go that their wedding was going to be amazing. After meeting and working with so many couples over the years, you kinda get a 6th sense for how the wedding will turnout all while chatting over coffee many months out.  And before I ever got a timeline in the inbox or arrived at the ceremony site, I knew that Haley and Sergio were in love and their hearts were big, and their wedding was going to be AMAZING.

When I arrived at the venue and met all of their friends and family members, it only served as a confirmation of what I already felt. Many tears were shed by Haley and I loved that they both took every opportunity to soak all the special moments in. I loved it when Sergio slipped under a door jamb to Haley their “Adventure Log,” which journaled all the crazy adventures they shared together (which also contained a letter written by Sergio asking Haley to be his wife). Or when they walked down the aisle together to the tune of their favorite oldies track. Haley recalled by saying:



Sergio and I decided that the song I would walk down the aisle to would be “At Last,” by Etta James. The song only seems fitting because we looovvveee oldies and – at last, my (our) love has come along. We sang it and listened to it countless times before the wedding as we anxiously waited for the day I would walk down the aisle and we would finally be husband and wife. Right before the ceremony began they put me in the restrooms and told me to wait so that Sergio would definitely not see me. I waited in the silent restroom for what seemed like hours while I danced and sang by myself so I wouldn’t go crazy with excitement. After everyone had walked down the aisle, they released me from my hiding place and I was at the door waiting for “At Last” to begin playing. When I heard the words, “At laaaaaast,” I almost died of sensory overload (but not really). Sergio sang the lyrics and waited patiently until I walked down the aisle, and those few minutes were some of our favorites.”


Some other moments Haley remembered as her favorites:  

“Sergio and I decided we wanted to pray together before the ceremony. I walked outside of the Bridal cottage to find my future husband standing blindfolded with a pink satin tie from my robe wrapped tightly around his eyes. Being able to hold him and pray together before the ceremony was one of my favorite moments, and also full of tears on my end.
“The ceremony was also amazing. The Pastor is one of our good friends (Sergio and I are basically like adopted children to their family). We loved being able to take communion while listening to , “Oceans,” by Hillsong united, it was amazing to have time to pray and take a moment to really soak in what was happening. 
“Another highlight for us would have to be our introduction into the reception, followed by our first dance. It was so much FUN. We danced to “Crazy for You,” by Adele and the roof of the venue slowly opened up to the evening sky! We were in our own little newlywed world, but friends and family later told us that everyone gasped as the roof began to open! We listened to “Crazy for You” on repeat about a million times when we were on a roadtrip at the beginning of our dating and it then became our relationship theme song! Woohoo!”

And you’ll also notice that there is a man on the left side of the altar… again Haley said: 

For me, having my brother as my “Mister of Honor” was extra memorable! I had never seen this before, but I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else standing by my side.”  

 As for their incredible attire:

“Sergio and I gave the most basic guidelines to our groomsmen and bridesmaids on what to wear. We told the guys to wear tan pants and a white button up shirt, and the girls to wear ivory/ off-white dresses. We have heard too many horror stories about buying an expensive outfit/ dress for a wedding that could never be worn again, so we decided they could pick their outfits themselves! We bought some bowties for the guys and that was done. We aren’t big on matching anyways:) They all looked incredible on the wedding day! So many people commented on how good the bridesmaids looked in their different dresses, little did they know it was very unplanned!”

And with that, it is my honor to share with you these photos of their exciting day. Check out below for the goods! 

Venue: El Adobe de Capistrano

Coordinator: Libby from El Adobe de Capistrano. 

Florist: Jenni from Little Hill Floral Designs

DJ: Bruce from Battleson Entertainment

Cupcakes: French’s Bakery, Mission Viejo

Everything else: DIY! 



  • Barbara gaul - Thank you so much for sharing. It was so beautiful and very California. Very tasteful.