Eastern Europe Trip Part 3: Kraków, Poland

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Boy do I have a monster post for you today. I think out of all the cities I’ve seen in Eastern Europe on this trip, Kraków was definitely one of my favorites. It has that old school feel like Prague, but WAY less tourism. And my goodness, the BEAUTY. Everything from the landscape to the architecture and the people who inhabit them, everything about Poland is stunning. 

Today’s post is about our day in Kraków, exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Sites at the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Main Square.




Without further ado…



Well if you made it all the way to the end, congratulations! That was a crazy long post. If only I could show you more. Kraków was so full of such simple and incredible pleasures – full of really warm people. I can’t wait to go back one day and really take it all in. Til then, I will dream of Kraków. 

Come back for my next post on my trip to Auschwitz. It’s gonna be worth it. 



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  • Karissa - Stunning!! Oh those little streets get me! I would absolutely love to explore them :)