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boomerang for gmail tutorial and review

How to be better at emailing your clients using gmail

Do you email your clients using Gmail or Gmail through Google Apps? Do you take pride in being ultra-responsive with your emails? Here’s how to

Snapmotive shooting into the sun with a fast lens example

5 Tips for Natural Light Photography

The Sun is your friend! Five quick tips on how to create great airy, light, delicate, moody, atmospheric photos in natural light.

Inspiration: Annie Leibovitz

I’m starting off a new series of posts to detail where I like to draw my inspiration from. It’s more for me to flush out in writing as a

First Look or No First Look – Thoughts From A Photographer

More and more weddings are starting to compress their days into a smaller and smaller time spans in order to save money, which is totally

To Filter or Not to Filter?

I remember when I first discovered Instagram in its infant stages, the whole “filter” thing looked like a joke. As a professional

eliminated snapmotive designs

How To Get A Killer Logo for $300 Bucks

Our new logo is here….…and it’s been crowd sourced.Yep.I was initially extremely skeptical about crowd sourced logo design work

mamiya 645 pro tl medium format film camera

The Glorious Land of the Medium Format

Have you ever thought about venturing into the big scary world of medium format? Fear not, it’s not as complicated as it sounds! I’m here