How to be better at emailing your clients using gmail

I have a few questions for you:

Do you email your clients using Gmail or Gmail through Google Apps?

Are you a busy blogger, a photographer, a manager, a creative professional, an agent, a coordinator, or all of the above (and more)?

Are you terrible with follow up emails when clients don’t respond to you?

Are you curious as to if your emails are all headed straight for your client’s junk filter?

Do you take pride in being ultra-responsive with your emails?

If you’re like me, you’ve answered yes to all the questions above.  In the past, I’ve forged my own ways in overcoming these challenges. I’ve tried writing down to-do lists on paper, getting apps for my phone to help me track emails, downloading fancier mailbox apps to sort my email, labels, stickies, mental anguish, and none of these have allowed me to be effective in making sure none of my clients fall through the cracks. 

Recently, I’ve discovered a Gmail Labs App called “Boomerang” that changes all of that. 

Boomerang is an add-on for your web Gmail interface that let’s you conveniently and quickly set up reminders to follow up with a client after a certain amount of time in a given scenario. For example, when a client sends me a new email about an inquiry, I can draft up an email, click on a few options, and have that mail sent back to my inbox, labeled as “boomerang,” be marked unread, and at the top of my list for me to attend to, IF the client hasn’t responded to my email. I also have the option of sending the email back to my inbox as unread if the client hasn’t clicked or opened my email. This is a HUGE game changer. No more worrying about if my emails are getting filtered out!

I also have the option of drafting an email late in the evening while it’s fresh in my mind and I can have Boomerang send the email at a later date and time, let’s say during business hours, so I don’t appear to be a workaholic. :)


What’s REALLY cool is that if in my email, I mention that “Hey, I’m going to follow up with you on XXX month and YYY date at ZZZ time,” the app is contextually aware so it’ll ask you, “Hey, do you want me to send this back to your inbox 2 hours before on XXX month and YYY date and ZZZ time? If so, click yes.” Super easy and simple.

How to start:

1. Click on the link to goto their website and hit install. Easy as pie. Boomerang for Gmail.

Install Button

2. Log in your Gmail account at Notice the icon at the top right. Boomerang is now installed. By the way, looking for a great Gmail desktop app for OSX? Check out Mailplane 3.

Boomerang logo

3a. Expand a message and notice the new Boomerang icon with options to return the email to your inbox at a given time.

Boomerang within message
Expanded Box

3b. Simply try and reply to the email and new options will appear below “Send.” 

inline options
And that’s it! Finally an effective way to manage multiple conversations at the same time, ensuring that you stay on top of your client’s questions and emails, and ultimately, improving your client’s experience. If you found this post helpful and would like to see more in the future, please share and let the word out!

Disclaimer: I was not contacted or endorsed by Boomerang for this post. I simply found an amazing Gmail hack that made my life so much easier, and I hope it makes yours easier too.

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