Back from Europe with so much to share…

Welp, I got back a few days ago from my first trip to Europe and it was an incredible, life-changing, indescribable experience. I’d like to share some photos taken during the trip with you over the next week(s) if you don’t mind! 

Today will be a quick post detailing our first day in Vienna, Austria. Everything was so new and overwhelming that I think I had trouble remembering where I was and what I was looking at, so excuse the lack of information for today’s post. Things get a lot more interesting and more detailed as we progress into day 2. :)



My first day’s impression was that everything in Europe is so culturally significant! Learning about the history behind every single piece of architecture, and the world-changers who lived on those streets, was overwhelming to say the least.

Stick around for day 2!



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  • Karissa - Stunning!!! Wow…
    And The “Hochstrahlbrunnen” fountains and Red Army Soviet War Memorial?