Architectural Work – Part 1

My photographic mistress.

Yes, as much as I love doing weddings, meeting new people, making new friends, and celebrating all night long during the weekends, there’s something calming, soothing, challenging, and downright fun about architectural photography. More specifically, I’ve been involved with some high end interior photography work and I thought that it would be cool to reveal them out of the woodworks.

If you’re a photographer, like me, interested in the world of architecture, you have  to watch this documentary on Julius Schulman called Visual Acoustics . It’ll blow your mind and inspire you to get out there and appreciate the incredible trust and symbiosis between photographer and architect.

Check out the film here: 

The first home I’m going to share with you is a project I did for Boffi, which is an Italian based interior design company which specializes in kitchen, bathroom, and wardrobe design. 

And that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed this one. There will be more coming! -DH


I book these project on a case by case basis – if you’re interested, email me directly at

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